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Trendy Crystal Jewelry Set - Fashion Fix - Polished

Trendy Crystal Jewelry Set - Fashion Fix - Polished

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 Crystal jewelry set!

The Magnificent Musings Collection features bold statement pieces and edgy designs. Reveling in sassy, unapologetic fashion, Magnificent Musings mavens confidently express themselves through glamorously grungy styles and smoldering looks. Mysterious and unpredictable, the Magnificent Musings Collection was made for the self-assured individual who artfully invites their admirers to do a double take when they walk into a room.

Includes one of each accessory featured in the Magnificent Musings Trend Blend in November's Fashion Fix:

Necklace: "Packed and Polished - White" (P2IN-WTXX-052RW)
Earring: "Polished Paramount - White" (P5IN-WTXX-024RW)
Bracelet: "Polishing Promise - White" (P9RE-WTXX-586RW)
Ring: "Polished Pageant - White" (P4ST-WTXX-037RW)

Fashion Fix



Featuring a dazzling array of white gems and studs, an exaggeratedly large silver ornament swings from the bottom of a silver paperclip chain for a bold, scintillating statement. Features a toggle closure. Includes one pair of matching earrings.



Strands of silver ball chains and white rhinestones in square fittings stream between a sparkly white rhinestone-encrusted ornament, creating a timeless tassel. Earring attaches to a standard fishhook fitting.



A row of faceted white gems alternating with exaggerated silver metallic studs line the center of an airy silver-studded bangle for an edgy look.



Dotted in dainty white rhinestones, blinding silver frames delicately crisscross across the finger for a dramatic sparkle. Featured in the center of the sparkly, airy bands, an elevated rhinestone-encrusted silver ornament creates a blinding statement atop the finger. Features a stretch ring band for a flexible fit. Stretchy adjustable ring fits sizes 6 to 10.

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