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Textured Silver and Turquoise Jewelry Set - Fashion Fix - Rancho

Textured Silver and Turquoise Jewelry Set - Fashion Fix - Rancho

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Jewelry Sets Rancho Harmony

Authentic designs and handcrafted pieces are staples of the Simply Santa Fe Collection. Featuring patterns and elements inspired by nature, these earthy designs tend to have a little more detail. Those free spirited collectors who have an appreciation for the creative process and delight in the sentimental stories behind their favorite accessories will feel right at home with the Simply Santa Fe Collection.

Complete Set includes one of each:

Necklace Set: "Homestead Harmony" (P2SE-BLXX-517IB)
Earring: "HOMESTEAD on the Range" (P5BA-BLXX-023IB)
Bracelet: "Rancho Refinement" (P9BA-SVXX-159IB)
Ring: "Rural Residence" (P4SE-BLXX-277IB)


Necklace Set: 

Refreshing blue turquoise stones dot the centers of wavy irregular-shaped frames. Embellished with studded and etched feathery texture, the rustic frames create an earthy artisanal display below the collar. Features an adjustable clasp closure. Includes one pair of matching earrings.



A tranquil turquoise stone dots the center of a wavy studded frame that gives way to an irregular-shaped pendant. Etched with feathery texture, the wavy silver pendant creates an enchantingly rustic lure. Earring attaches to a standard fishhook fitting.



A thick band of silver is etched in feathery texture, creating a tactile statement piece that boldly wraps around the wrist. Rows of antiqued silver studs travel around the center of the thick silver band, adding eye-catching dimension and grit to the design. Features a hinged closure.



An earthy turquoise stone creates a colorful centerpiece for an oversized elongated silver frame. Embellished with studded texture and geometric designs, the patterned frame results in a hypnotizing lure atop the finger. Features a stretchy band for a flexible fit.

Fashion Fix

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