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Enamel Jewelry Set with Crystals - Fashion Fix - Pastel Blue Dazzle

Enamel Jewelry Set with Crystals - Fashion Fix - Pastel Blue Dazzle

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Spun Sugar

Featuring playful styles accented with fun pops of color, the Glimpses of Malibu Collection is an endearing assortment of cheerful and whimsical laid-back fashion. From the bubbly outgoing socialite who isn’t afraid to make a fashion statement to the introspective wallflower who is charmed by soft feminine prints and flawless finishing touches, there’s something for everyone in the Glimpses of Malibu Fashion Fix Collection.

Includes one of each accessory featured in this Glimpses of Malibu Trend Blend Blue Dazzle Set:

Necklace: "Dreaming in MULTICOLOR"
Post Earring: "Drop a TINT"
Bracelet: "Dreamscape Dazzle"
Ring: "Multichromatic Meditation"

Fashion Fix


Necklace Set:

Featuring the sweet pastel of Spun Sugar, sparkling blue gems combine with milky blue beads and alternate across the collar with oversized discs painted in blue enamel. The whimsically modern collection connects to a silver chain resulting in a charismatic display below the collar. Features an adjustable clasp closure.

Includes one pair of matching earrings.



A disc painted in pastel blue enamel is set in a simple silver frame, where it sways from the bottom of an oblong silver link to create a charming modern lure. Earring attaches to a standard post fitting.



A rectangular sparkling blue gem and a milky blue oval bead add elegance to a monochromatic collection of three oversized pastel blue circles. Set in silver frames, the whimsical collection attaches to a silver chain, for a refreshing splash of color around the wrist. Features an adjustable clasp closure.



Sparkling blue gems, milky opalescent beads, and blue enamel-coated circles in varying sizes gather into an ethereal cluster atop the finger. Features a stretchy band for a flexible fit.


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